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Tree-free paper bags - PaperWise

At Natural Bag we always strive to come up with the most durable and responsible solution in terms of materials used and production ways.  


The Ancient Egyptians already knew it: to make paper you do not have to cut down trees, they used papyrus from the papyrus plant instead. Throughout the ages different types of materials were used as information carriers such as parchment, clay tablets, bark, bones and shells.

Paper in its current form originally comes from China. Well into the 19th century, paper production generally was small and local in nature. With industrialization and the invention of board paper, the production of paper increased large scale along with the demand for the primary raw material of paper: cellulose that can be obtained from trees.

The production process of making paper from trees takes a lot of energy, water and chemicals and results in different emissions to air and water. These emissions may include nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and particulate matter. Deforestation and consequential loss of biodiversity and erosion is a serious global problem. With replanting trees you can mitigate some of the harmful effects of using trees for paper. It should and could be done better.

We have to go back to the source, back to the origin of the raw material of paper. The world is ready for a structural and sustainable solution for not using trees for paper. That solution is available NOW! Already available from 1,000 bags.

Unique in the world, we offer the revolutionary next generation paper bags:


At Natural Bag we love bags and trees! That's why we choose to have our paper bags made from PaperWise, a special paper for which no trees have been cut down. This unique paper has the same high quality as traditional A-grade paper.

Save forests. Choose the one and only truly sustainable paper bag. Go Natural Bag!

PaperWise paper is made from agricultural waste material such as leaves and stems that remain after all the food products are harvested (i.e. rice, wheat, corn, sugar cane). These bio-based resources (re)grow annually as opposed to trees that need up to as many as 80 years to grow before it is made into paper.  

By making clever use of agri-residues, which otherwise as "waste" have no value, scarce resources are optimally utilized. In addition we also save on CO2 emissions for the production of this unique paper and protect forests without compromising on the end product's quality. The result is a truly durable high-quality paper and paper board. 

The next generation paper: PaperWise!

Advantages PaperWise

  • Food safe EC-1935 and compostable EN 13432 certified
  • Agri-waste as a raw material for A-grade paper
  • Reduces the cutting down of forests
  • Produced with 100% green energy - CO2 neutral
  • Meets the highest quality standards
  • Up to 7 times recyclable
  • Environmental impact 47% lower compared to FSC paper made from wood fibers
  • Environmental impact 29% lower compared to recycled paper made from wood fibers
  • The yield of the material cellulose per hectare crop is approximately 1.5 times higher than that of a hectare of forest
  • The same printing qualities as traditional paper from wood fibers
  • It makes your organization more sustainable by reducing your ecological footprint

We supply various kinds of paper bag models customized for each use you require. Bags with a luxurious look and cord are available in paper of different sizes and colors. Of course kraft paper bags with a twisted or flat paper handles are also among the possibilities. A thoughtful Natural carrier bag with your name and logo reflects the image of your organization.

Our professional and enthusiastic team is at your service to create the right visual identity that conveys your brand image perfectly through your very own Natural Bag®.

Technical data:

Our standard bags are excellent for daily use. The luxury carrier bags with your personal design or logo make your promotional gift complete. Already available from 1,000 pieces.

PaperWise TREE-FREE paper

  • Natural, 150 gr/m² - luxury bags

Standard sizes:

  • 24 + 09 x 24 cm
  • 24 + 09 x 32 cm
  • 26 + 12 x 34 cm
  • 31 + 12 x 25 cm
  • 31 + 21 x 31 cm
  • 31 + 12 x 41 cm
  • 35 + 14 x 45 cm
  • Different sizes upon request

Reinforced cardboard at the bottom and inside fold possible

Offset Printing: 6 colors - UV varnish - Foil Printing - Relief

Flexo printing up to 6 PMS colors

Options: inside printing + protection varnish - groove for gift ribbon possible

Colored organic cotton cords choice or cotton ribbons of your choice

Strings: standard length 2 x 40 cm / 2 x 45 cm / 2 x 50 cm long shoulder cords 2 x 80 cm, available in different colors

Cord diameter: 3 to 7 mm - standard 5 mm

Luxury twisted cords or luxury leather ribbons - hemp cords - carved out handles

***New Product***

Natural Bag TREE-FREE Labels

The NEW Natural Bag Label: A luxurious and sustainable alternative to your advertising message on unprinted bags.

The Natural Bag Label gives you the opportunity to customize your unprinted bag into a luxurious paper bag in no time. The Natural Bag Label is easy to place over the handles of the bag and has the added advantage that it closes the top of the bag. The Natural Bag Label can be printed on 4 sides with your desired message and logo.

Just like our tree-free paper bags, the Natural Bag Label is made from the material PaperWise. This unique paper, originating from waste materials from agriculture, is of A-quality and the most responsible choice, as well as it prevents further deforestation and loss of biodiversity.

You can order the Natural Bag label separately, but also in combination with our tree-free paper bags. The Natural Bag Labels can be ordered from 300 pieces. The video below gives you a short impression of how you can use our luxurious and durable Label.

For more information about the material PaperWise and other uses of this unique paper and cardboard please visit:

Space Connect 2019 - 50 year moonlanding

"A small step for man, one giant leap for Sustainability"
Our unique tree-free paper bags were used as goodie bags at the 50 year celebration event for landing on the Moon for the Space Expo in Noordwijk.

Space exploration helps us to understand and value our precious small planet Earth. It also shows us we must change and challenge our current consumption of natural resources, to be able to leave behind a healthy and biodiverse planet for future generations. Cutting down forests is no longer necessary to make high quality paper bags. Be part of the solution, not pollution!
Join us!

IABR - 2018-2020 - The Missing Link

The International Architecture Biennial Rotterdam (IABR) 2018 is dedicated to the Sustainable Development Goals from the United Nations. Because our way of living is at the expense of the planet and causes fast growing social inequality, we have to make space and share this space better  between people and with nature. 

Natural Bag is proud to have been invited to exhibit her innovative and 100% sustainable bags as part of the solution (Missing Link) into the transition towards a circular and sustainable society.

Biofach 2017